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PSX and Final Fantasy XV ATR reminds me of one of the biggest trap we all fall for

Falling for the idea of something rather than the actual thing itself.

Saw actual footage for Final Fantasy VII remake coming up for the Ps4 as one of the timed exclusives of its lineup.


At first I was skeptical, because I was there when Versus XIII was announced back in 2006 until ultimately they decided on XV.

Now I see this actual footage and realize this game is coming sooner than any of us expected.


All implications of the impact of this game’s success aside, I think it reminded me of one of the things that all of us fall for in seeing trailers or images of our favorite artwork and music.

A trap called hype, but not just getting pumped for any game, but getting pumped for another fix from the franchise. For some its WoW, others its Halo for some it could be JRPG eyes with JRPG hair and JRPG weapons. I would fall into the secondary latter of this category.


I played my first Final Fantasy REAL Final Fantasy game in college. Final Fantasy 7 to be exact. My first Final Fantasy was Crystal Chronicles, the second being XI. But, VII made my love for Final Fantasy to be.... crystal. (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

It makes sense, I grew up watching anime, spiky - haired people saving the word in un-orthodox fantastical ways.


My first rpg game was Pokemon, my favorite games for the GBA were Megaman Battle Network, my favorite game for DS was The World Ends with You.

Because of all of this, all somebody has to do is show me images of Final Fantasy and its music and some new content to get me excited, and I doubt I’m alone in that.


All I have to do is hear something little about XV or the VII remake and suddenly my day is made. I’m honestly a bit sad the games are coming out, because the excitement for the entry of the idea will be over and I will go back to craving other parts of the idea.

Because for all we know, XV may come out as badly as Type-0 did. Type-0 is by no means a good game. Its gameplay is ruined by unstable camera mechanics and combat lacks fluidity or the same kind of impact that Kingdom Hearts had. What’s more, I feel apathetic toward the story and the characters.


I felt a LITTLE bit for Lightning and Co in XIII and more for Serah, Noel and Caius in XIII-2, Lightning Returns turned me off. Yet here I am about to re buy Lightning Returns for PC knowing the story and gameplay will be sub par.

Why is that? Because, I like the idea of Final Fantasy and I’m a PC Gamer. I’ve fallen into that trap, and I have no desire to climb out. The aesthetic, the music and characters of past entries give me goosebumps.


Not to mention, TWEWY and Kingdom Hearts’ existences are contingent on Final Fantasy’s existence, so ja.

Until XV comes out, here’s hoping it matches up to or surpasses The Witcher 3 in at LEAST game play.

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